Enduring Minds The Foundation

Enduring Minds mission is to be a resource to those who endure chronic sometimes rare neurological conditions, while raising awareness and aiding in finding cures for these conditions. Helping to enrich lives in many ways because together we can endure anything. 

Our Vision-To make the lives of those forced to endure & their families easier.


Patient Advocacy

Need help navigating a new diagnosis? Help with treatment options and decision? Need help finding care? Contact us to see how our certified patient advocate can help.

Financial Support

You can apply to receive financial support in emergent medical need. Reach out to get the application.

Meditation Classes

Learn pain meditation and practice breathing. Create custom guided meditations for you.

Receive education and More….Check out our menu to see what all we have to offer you and your family!

Currently receiving Pediatric mental health training! Even if you just want to talk to us, we are prepared and ready to listen.

We’ve donated over $1000 to research projects since we were founded!!

Accredited with the Better Business Bureau


TRANSPARENCY-So you can trust us with your story, your donations, you.

COMPASSION-Because we created for you. To show we care for our community and lend a helping hand. You are not alone.

KNOWLEDGE-Educating all on the illnesses we treat, educating those who endure so they can advocate for themselves better.

CONSTANTLY IMPROVING-Help us, help more. Leave a review, share your experience, let us know what you need so we can be better.

COMMITMENT TO LIVING WELL-Even if you’re battling your illness, you can live well. We want to be there and encourage us all no matter the ability to love well.

Here’s what people are saying about us!

Feel free to leave us a review here or on our Facebook page.

Twanna Henericks-“check this out. Buy the book. Help the IIH community and many more”

Caroline Jennings-“Wow,I feel like we are friends,your writing is speaking to me ”

Teresa Murphy- “Enduring Minds blessed me with a scholarship to help with school. I met Unique Easley last year when i was going in to have my shunt placed. Ever since we have kept in touch. Having IIH can be scary, but having people in your life that know your battle means a lot. Thank you Enduring Minds

Do you have Pseudotumor Cerebri, Chiari Malformation, Epilepsy or a TBI?? These are some of the conditions we assist. Don’t see your diagnosis,don’t see your need, contact us today. We are ready and willing to help.

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1930 Minnesota Ave
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