Sad Realizations

Throughout this health journey of mine I've dealt with it in ways that probably only make sense to me. For example, when I was first diagnosed with Epilepsy and then shortly after with Pseudotumor cerebri, I had what I called sad realization moments. My first sad realization was during a 72 hour extended eeg with... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys, I missed writing my blog but I stopped for awhile to focus on writing my book and getting Enduring Minds The Foundation all set up. Don't think that since I've been gone a lot hasn't happened because I've been busy! In the time that I've been away I bought and moved into my... Continue Reading →

Yet another seizure

A week ago today I had a seizure. The first seizure I've had in 9 months and it scared the hell out of me. I guess those of you who know me are wondering why it scared me so much it. I mean we all know it definetly wasn't the first time. Well, I think... Continue Reading →

The Cloud

Right now I am in this weird place. This place where everything is going well, I'm feeling a bit better but I cant fully enjoy it. I cant enjoy it because I see the cloud hoovering up above. The cloud where your waiting for the other shoe to drop. When you have a chronic illness... Continue Reading →


I read a quote the other day and it said "Dont let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with" Now I do not know who said that but it raised the question of what to do with insecurity when your health ruins the beauty you were born with? With conditions like mine it, things... Continue Reading →

Dear mama

Dear Mama, I am sorry, sorry that you ever have to read this letter. Im sorry that you were chosen to be the parent of a child that has not one but two chronic illnesses. I am forever apologetic that your social and professional life regularly gets paused for things we cant control. Things like... Continue Reading →

Pain for the Holidays

Have y'all ever been in a place where you  want something you cant have. Well that's where I am at. I want my body to be at rest, To have some peace, some stillness. I would love to be able to sleep, at least more than two hours. I want to be able to go... Continue Reading →


It seems like I always have to fight for myself when it comes to my health. Before it was when I was first started having seizures no doctor believed me they thought I was on drugs, crazy and everything in between but I still kept fighting. If one doctor didn't believe me I went to... Continue Reading →


I am so excited because November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. I love when unrecognized illnesses get their time to shine. I wish that awareness was raised more for illnesses like Epilepsy. In October the NFL and many other large companies, hospitals even churches wear Pink for Breast Cancer, why not wear purple for epilepsy, or... Continue Reading →

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