The “B” Word

We've all felt like a Burden at some time or another, but of course we do not want to admit it. Admit how hard it is to have to depend on someone for everything. Its hard to have to ask for money or ask for a ride to yet another doctors appointment or physical therapy... Continue Reading →


As someone with a chronic illness, I face moments I know I will dread. Moments like bad doctor appointments, where the diagnosis may be worse than the news I had before. Moments where I overdo it on a good pain day and know the next day will be a day where I don’t have enough energy to get out of bed. Those moments... Continue Reading →


Every woman loves accessories, A new necklace that goes with that beautiful dress. Some shiny earrings to match the new shoes you got on sale. Maybe even a hat, I love them all but the accessories I hate are the ones im forced to take with me everywhere I go, my cane or walker ,... Continue Reading →

To My Boyfriend

Dear Boyfriend, Thank you for understanding on the days I can’t get out of bed. And thank you for doing the dishes when I do not have the energy to stand. On the days when I can not make love to you, I’m so sorry. I appreciate every single thing you do for me. Even... Continue Reading →

Yes I’m sick enough

When we're sick, I think we are extremely hard on ourselves about everything. Me,I always feel like my chronic illness is not enough. When people say I don’t look sick, I always think well, what is sick supposed to like? Or I feel down on myself thinking maybe everyone thinks i’m faking because I do not... Continue Reading →

What is really going on

I have benign Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and the internet and most doctors will tell you that the diagnoses means that you just have headaches. I am here to tell you that, that is wrong. Headaches maybe a symptom but it is so much more than that.  My ears swoosh all the time, at night it... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you hope for something to be wrong

Having a chronic condition sucks. You go back and forth to the doctors, You have to take test after test after test. I’ve been dealing with a nonstop high pressure headache since the beginning of September. I’ve had blood test,EEG’s,MRI’s, CT Scans and the worst of it spinal taps. Even with all of that my... Continue Reading →

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