Be Selfish

If you’ve spoken to me intimately or follow my story and you’re chronically ill, you’ve probably heard me tell you to be selfish. After a conversation with an able-bodied friend who didn’t quite understand why I would tell people that I thought I’d elaborate. I know this may be an unpopular opinion but when you’re chronically ill every little thing in your life can affect your illness. Stress with friends, arguments with family, drama, even being uncomfortable can cause problems with your health.  A flare up, A hospital visit, extra medication all things we dread & don’t need. 

Which is why I say be selfish because we have to be. We may not be able to handle your Drama, so we can handle our health. We may have to cut you off after repeated arguments to preserve our mental health to make sure we can battle our illness. We may miss small family gatherings to rest. You might not be able to come and stay at our house for 6hrs because sitting up that long is draining.

See it’s hard for people who don’t have to endure it to understand how difficult it can be to battle your own body. The one thing you’re supposed to be able to depend on,that betrays you with pain everyday. Add on to that normal everyday stuff, whew no wonder we’re exhausted all the time. So if we have to be a little selfish to have more strength to win against our bodies then so be it. 

Honestly in a way it’s not only for us but our loved ones as well. Being selfish at times allows us better days and more time to spend with them. So ask people to leave when you need to rest, exit stressful situations, don’t allow anything to disturb your peace, be selfish for you, for them, for your well being, and because you have to be. The right people will understand and if they don’t, they don’t need to be around anyway. Take care of yourself so you can be there for those you love and simply because you deserve it.


Published by enduringminds

Welcome to my blog!! This is a place where everyday people can come to talk about their problems, ask questions and hopefully find support. I am a normal person who suffers everyday from Pseudotumor Cerebri or Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, also from epilepsy. Everyday I have to endure and I know you do too so lets endure together!!

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