I’ve been reminded lately how I don’t typically use the word survivor when I speak about my illness and all I’ve been through. And they’re right I don’t but with good reason. When people use the word survivor that means you survived an event that could’ve taken your life or almost took your life and didn’t! But what about when the event hasn’t ended? Or it won’t end. When you talk about surviving a medical event or Chronic illness the event is ongoing. The event never ends and all the things that come with it never stops. Since I was diagnosis I’ve survived 14 surgeries, 5 of which were brain surgeries. I’ve survived emergency hospital visits, seizures, side effects from medication and lifelong complications. So instead of survived, I say I Endure! I have to keep enduring because my event never ends. My illness never stops. To endure means to remain. With Chronic illness we may remain in our situations because we have no choice but we last through the difficult times because of our strength. When you use survivor, some people feel as though you’re a victim and I, We are no victims, we are warriors who Endure. You can endure the bad and not suffer.In my opinion both words are accurate but I choose to keep enduring and I hope you do as well.


Published by enduringminds

Welcome to my blog!! This is a place where everyday people can come to talk about their problems, ask questions and hopefully find support. I am a normal person who suffers everyday from Pseudotumor Cerebri or Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, also from epilepsy. Everyday I have to endure and I know you do too so lets endure together!!

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